I am Meredith Adams, and my business is Meredith Cerys. I offer guilt free knitwear to a market that is consumed by throw away culture.

Creating Garments that are sustainably made using no electricity and repurposing all off cuts so there is Zero waste.

I design jumpers that can be worn during any season and can be passed down to new generations, ultimately bringing back the importance of the ‘Heirloom Jumper’

As we all become more aware of the shocking impact that the fashion and textiles industry is having on the planet, what with 10,000 items of clothing being sent to landfill every Five minutes (from the UK alone) the mindset of shopping smaller and supporting local British brands is more desirable than ever before.

Not one of us are the same and neither are my jumpers. This makes every item slightly different and creates the perfect imperfections, to embrace your individuality.

My main Ethos is to SLOW down FAST fashion!

Thank you for supporting my small bussiness it means the world to me xox